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We have multiple services to cater your business needs, we are flexible enough to customise our offerings as per your need.

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Industry specific software solutions

Our data driven software solutions provide tailored technological tools and platforms designed to address the unique needs and challenges of specific industries, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturing and utility industry

We offer comprehensive tools and functionalities to streamline operations, optimize production processes, and ensure efficient management of resources.

    • 1

      Centralized auction and bid portal

    • 2

      A digitally authenticated work permit system

    • 3

      Shift Rota management system

    • 4

      Equipment purchase approval

    • 5

      SOP document digitalization

    • 6

      PDI process automation

    • 7

      Operations Logbook digitalization

    • 8

      Smart in-premise traffic control management

    • 9

      VIVO tracking and monitoring

Healthcare industry

Our solution provides advanced technology and integrated platforms to enhance patient care, optimize workflows, and facilitate efficient management of medical records and resources.

Smart Daily operations management

Medical software solutions help manage a health organization's administrative and clinical tasks including scheduling, charting, inventory management, payroll and much more.

User-friendly patient portal

These modules encourage more patient involvement by allowing patients to interact with their physicians online as well as view medical history, book appointments and more.

Telemedicine & E prescribing

Patients can exchange messages and video chat with their physicians online. Physicians can manage a patents medication and receive alerts of any interactions.

Smart Health analytics

Our data-driven software solutions provide healthcare analytics such as population health, predictive diagnoses and analytics, and more.

Billing & payment

Automatically scrub claims of any errors, verify insurance, view payment history and send out reminders using billing and payment tools.

Digital documentation & data security

Get rid of the huge pile of paper, upload, manage and utilize valuable pieces of healthcare data whenever required, ensuring encrypted data security.

AI and ML

We deliver robust algorithms, powerful analytics, and scalable infrastructure to accelerate innovation, automate processes, and unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

    • 1

      Image recognition

    • 2

      Intelligent document processing

    • 3

      Smart Identity verification

    • 4

      Predictive maintenance

    • 5

      Computer vision

    • 6

      Smart recommendation system